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Case Study: Deliberate Creator Academy

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Online School built with Thinkific

This is the personal project that introduced me to the Thinkific platform and that has provided me with the experience that has prepared me to help others build their eLearning websites with this platform. The user interface of the site is complete but the course content is not hence I have not yet launched the school. Despite this, the project serves as a great example of my Thinkific design and development proficiency.

I implemented the site as a membership site with a single bundle of courses that includes my entire training program (on a very esoteric subject). I provide teaching support to the students in the form of answering the student's questions in the per-lesson discussion feature as well as a weekly live online Q & A session that all students are welcome to attend. I also provide one-on-one coaching to students.  So this is truly a full-featured online school and the experience of designing, building, and planning it has prepared me well to help others do the same.

As easy as Thinkific is to use, I ran into its limitations and chose to dive in and learn how to customize the code underlying the theme I chose to use for my site.  In the process, I ended up creating several custom page elements (sections) and learned a lot that could help others build better Thinkific websites. You might want to read my article Taking Your Thinkific Website to the Next Level with Theme Code Customizations that I wrote to explain this topic


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