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Building Websites with WIX, Webflow, & Thinkific

I specialize in designing and building Wix, Webflow, and Thinkific websites.  Each of these platforms has different pros and cons that are relevant to your choice of platform to build your businesses website on.  Read on to learn more about these platforms and how I can help you choose the right platform and create a great website for you on it.

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Building Your Business Website with WiX

WiX is designed for people who are not web developers can get started creating pretty darn nice websites. With a large collection of stylish site templates to choose from, and powerful plug and play business components for online stores, blogs, chat, forms, bookings, and much more full-featured websites can be created faster and easier than ever before.  

Helping You Create an Outstanding WiX Website

Although many clients can create a descent basic website layout they often will need help refining their site's layout and design.  They will also typically need assistance setting up the details of those business components that I mentioned above and customizing other aspects of there site.  And that's where come in. I've learned how to do all of that so you don't have to. And of course, If you want to focus on your business and let me take care of the entire design and construction of your website I able to do that too.

I can help you...

Refine your sites visual design and layout.

Install and configure your sites business components.

Make sure your site effectively communicates your businesses value proposition.

Provide custom coding and integrations with external services.

Building Your eLearning Website with Thinkific


Thinkific is one of the best online course and eLearning platforms available today. You can get your eLearning website up and running quite quickly because Thinkific provides a pre-built site organization right out of the box that's a good starting point for most needs.


But depending on your specific learning content you desire to organize your site differently than what they provide. That's were my expertise with the Thinkific platform can really leverage your success and speed up your launch.

Helping You Create an Outstanding Thinkific Website

I am conversant with almost every aspect of the Thinkific platform. I also have strong web coding skills, so if anyone can make what you want to happen, it's probably me. This lets you focus on your business while I take care of the technical details implementing your eLearning platform.

I can help you...

Optimally organize your content and site.

Customize the standard parts of your site beyond Thinkific's normal limits.

Design and build the perfect home page for your situation.

Implement custom integrations of 3rd-party widgets and services.

Design and build the custom pages you need (beyond the standard pages provided)

Implement custom integrations automations to connect Thinkific into your business processes.


Building Your Business Website with Webflow

Webflow is one of the best visual website builders available today. With it you can create world-class websites quicker than ever before and without the limitations that other platforms like WiX impose. Of course, this means it typically requires a web developer to implement a site design on Webflow ... and that is where I come in.

Helping You Create an Outstanding Webflow Website

I am an experienced web developer and budding web designer who knows his way around Webflow and can take advantage of the full power of the Webflow platform to create a great website for you. 

I can help you design and build your entire website, or customize and improve parts of your existing website, or implement custom integrations with 3rd party widgets and web services, and much more.

How I can help...

Design and build your entire website.

Customize or upgrade parts of your existing website.

Implement custom integrations with 3rd party widgets and web services.

Need My Help with Your Project?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project. I look forward to chatting with you,

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