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Designing & Building Great Websites

My number one goal is to help you create a great website for your business. One that communicates your value proposition effectively, builds trust and authority in you and your business, and looks and works great on all devices.

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The Process of Creating Great Websites

My design process starts with understanding your business and its customers and results in reliably delivering websites that effectively communicate your businesses value proposition and turn visitors into customers.

Examples of My Work

Here are some of my outstanding projects.

My Design & Development Skills

Here are some of the keys skills that enable me to create great websites for my clients


Visual &




Visual &



Communicating effectively and powerfully is the heart of this design discipline. Communication occurs both visually and with words and effective communication translates into more customers! But  creating contemporary and stylish websites is also a part of it. A good looking website that communicates effectively is the goal.


Information Architecture


Organizing the information and navigation on a website for ease of understanding and use is the essence of this design discipline.  Doing this well translates into more satisfied visitors who are more likely to take your calls-to-action and hence more likely to become customers.





This design discipline is about making your website look and work great on smaller devices like tablets and smart phones. Giving your visitors and customers the best possible experience on their small footprint devices is a must because over 50% of all the visitors to your website are arriving via their phones!





Web coding skills like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery allow me to customize your website to a degree not otherwise possible and let's me make your website work exactly how you want it. The bottom line is that you're website will provide visitors a better experience which will translate in to more customers.

Building Websites with WIX, Webflow & Thinkific

I specialize in building websites with Wix, Webflow, and Thinkific. Wix and Webflow are general purpose site builders that can be used to create any type of website. Thinkific is a special purpose site builder that is dedicated to creating eLearning websites and online schools.

If you're building your business website on one of these platforms, I can help you design and build a great website. 


Working with Clients

Here's what I strive for when helping my clients create great websites.

Excellent communication and responsiveness.

Milestone driven deliverables.

A design process as formal or informal as needed and desired.


Project Stages


Every one of my project starts with a consultation to determine the details, requirements, and scope of the project. After the initial consultation, I provide a written project proposal. This proposal describes the project's deliverables and the associated time and cost for each. The proposal, once accepted, then serves as the project plan.


Initial consultation.


Project proposal and plan.


Milestone deliveries.


Milestone Driven Projects

One of the keys to success on web projects (or any project for that matter) is to break a job into logical and relatively small milestones and successively deliver those in a timely fashion. This approach provides better visibility on the progress of the project, and it also lets us make any needed adjustments incrementally. This process ultimately delivers better results.

The Design and Delivery Process


For larger projects, here's what you can expect from my design and delivery process.


Wireframe mockups to vet the designs before committing to construction.


Intermediate walkthroughs of working designs to allow feedback and adjustments.


Final walkthrough and sign-off on milestone deliverables.

Everything I've described here is just a framework for reliable and repeatable projects.  We can be as formal or informal as seems appropriate for your project.


Bottom line - customer satisfaction is my top priority!


Kathryn Korostoff,

Research Rockstar Training

"Jeff deliveries on time and as expected."

Jeff is a real pro, and a pleasure to work with. A Thinkific and web design expert, he has completed important tasks in setting up a new, 25-course Thinkific site. And he always gets work done as expected (or more!) and on time.


Heather Osby,

Heather Osby Fitness

"My sales conversions went up!"

I am so satisfied with the enhancements to the checkout pages you did for me. I've noticed my sales conversions are up since you improved the checkout!


Don Salmon,

Remember To Be

"I can't recommend Jeff highly enough."

Of all the people I had sent requests to for help, Jeff read my letter most carefully, to the point of providing some interesting suggestions in his first response that I hadn't thought of. He communicated very clearly, was prompt, and at the end, surprised me with two tutorials videos he made demonstrating what he implemented and how to use it. I will certainly hiring Jeff in the future.  

Accolades for My Work

Need My Help with Your Project?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project. I look forward to chatting with you,

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